Help a Student on Their Journey to College

Sponsor a Nativity Prep graduate with a pledge of $6,000 for their high school education

Sponsor a Nativity Prep Graduate Student Through High School A Project of Nativity Prep Academy

Give the gift of education

Nativity Prep Academy provides hands-on guidance to our middle- school graduates, preparing them for success at top regional high schools and for matriculation to colleges and universities.

Our graduate support staff works on a one-on-one basis with each student to achieve excellence throughout high school and into college. NPA provides them a place to do their homework with tutoring, use of computers and technology, as well as job placement, financial aid, and counseling in a safe, caring, familiar setting. Nativity Prep Academy also provides tuition support to attend private high schools, along with subsidies for uniforms, books, transportation, and other costs, to assure our graduates in high school have the capacity to excel.

Nativity Prep provides high school workshops where to students return to campus two nights each week for assistance with college searches, applications, essays, financial aid forms, and SAT/ACT preparation classes.

The gift of education unlocks a student's potential.

Angelica Vera, Nativity Prep Academy, Class of 2012; Francis Parker School, Class of 2016; Yale University, Class of 2020

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